Hi. I'm 24 year old crazy girl from Poland, Warsaw.
And I don't know english very well... It's not my first language.
I love to draw and paint <3
see my art tags
In love with Marvel universe (Hawkeye is the best!)
Fangirling over the TV shows:
#How I Met Your Mother
#Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
#The Vampire Diaries
#New Girl
#True Blood
#2Broke Girls
#Game of Thrones
Anime at the current time
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Korra. Once again.
My concept - with different clothes (something mixed of Asami&#8217;s and Equalists outfits&lt;?&gt;), and without her hair-pin :D
previous quick sketch [x]

Korra. Once again.

My concept - with different clothes (something mixed of Asami’s and Equalists outfits<?>), and without her hair-pin :D

previous quick sketch [x]

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#avatar: the legend of korra
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